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Drought, powered by climate change

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While animals are getting some water after a long walk to the source, a boy sits exhausted on the ground. Herdsmen try to survive the harsh drought in Karamoja, North East Uganda. The drought gets more and more severe due to climate change. The semi-nomads attribute almost nothing to CO2 emissions, but they belong to the first victims of climate change. For centuries they could handle severe droughts. But now climate change is making droughts much more severe, as such putting in danger millions of semi-nomads in Karamoja. When it rrains in the summer those rains are becomming much stronger, washing away crops. The food stock is therefore smaller in dry periods. So from december on people are lacking food. Hunger starts setting in. Animals dry out and get sick. As water sources are becomming more and more rare, people srink from the same source than their animals, so they get sick too, getting for example typhoïd. Many start cutting wood to make charcoal, a survival strategy. With the small gains, they buy some food to survive. But chopping the threes aggravates the ecological crisis, creating erosion and ground water depletion. The semi-nmads have a huge knowledge on dealing with harsh circumstances, but they are not listened to by authorities. The Karamojan nomads are by many being considered backwards, needing help to devellop. A precious and unique culture and knowledge is further being mutilated by clilmate change.
  • Shutter speed: 1/3200
  • Aperture: F63/10
  • ISO: 400
  • Focal length: 350/10mm
  • Photographer: kristof vadino